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3 ways a modern OMS can help support a global strategy

Deck Commerce Insights
April 10, 2017


Technology brings us closer together, despite time or distance. These days, the silos that once created struggles for businesses looking to support a global strategy have all but disappeared - so long as the right solutions are in place.


When it comes to expanding a company globally, there are a few essentials enterprises need. One of the most important requirements is a modern order management system, providing the visibility and service support required to offer customers an enjoyable experience across every channel. Let's take a look at how a modern OMS makes this possible:

Granular, global visibility

In order to support a global strategy while still ensuring omni-channel success, businesses need high-level visibility into important corporate and customer activities. A modern OMS is ideally suited for this, as it ensures that organizational leaders can have an in-depth look at orders from a single, central location.

What's more, this visibility doesn't end once a customer has placed an order. An advanced OMS allows for full order life cycle management spanning physical and digital company locations. In this way, businesses have the necessary visibility throughout the return or exchange process, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks within their global, omni-channel strategy.

Advanced customer service

A linchpin of global expansion is a business's ability to provide a winning experience for customers no matter where they are located. Key to this process is providing customer service agents with the advanced tools required to answer and address any order complication.


A modern OMS includes a robust customer service portal, enabling company representatives to view current orders over the course of their life cycle, help customers place new orders, and streamline the return and exchange process. Especially when businesses seek to break into new global markets, high-level customer service is absolutely imperative.

Simple, consolidated integration

One of the most challenging struggles businesses face with their global strategies is the use of multiple systems across global marketplaces. This can significantly complicate a host of important management activities, and make gleaning the necessary level of visibility next to impossible. What's more, integrating these systems into a cohesive platform on the back-end can be incredibly complicated. 


Thankfully, this is another area in which a modern OMS excels. This technology makes it easy to tie together and manage these formerly separate systems. Having a single software solution that eliminates complexities can be just the catalyst businesses need to propel their global strategy toward success.

Overall, order management as part of a global strategy can be difficult without a balance of visibility, customer service tools and streamlined integration. A modern OMS like Deck Commerce's industry-leading solution can offer everything companies need to support their omni-channel approach on a global scale.


To find out more about what a modern OMS can provide for your business, contact Deck Commerce today.

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Overall, order management as part of a global strategy can be difficult without a balance of visibility, customer service tools and streamlined integration