Create an Omnichannel Retail Strategy with New Deck Commerce Features

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To help retailers with a winning 2020 commerce strategy, we launched new order management features specifically for scaling and growth. 

These new features empower retailers to improve the shopper journey, automate previously manual tasks, and increase visibility of the order lifecycle across teams.

Improve Shopper Journey

As the retail industry continues to evolve, consumer expectations continue to rise.  Consumers expect a flawless shopping journey through the entire order lifecycle from checkout to delivery to returns.  To empower retailers that want to wow shoppers at every touch point, we released a series of updates that give retailers and their shoppers more options for a seamless omnichannel experience.

New Deck Commerce Order Management features that enhance the shopper journey include:

  • Scheduled Delivery Date – This option allows shoppers to schedule a future delivery date at checkout and gives retailers power to edit delivery dates upon shopper request. This experience is a must-have for retailers focused on special occasions or subscriptions.
  • Stripe, Adyen, and Braintree Integrations – We integrate with several payment gateways, and these additional options give retailers more flexibility when it comes to their shoppers’ payment method preferences. These options also give retailers more flexibility to automate payment captures and credits throughout the order lifecycle.
  • Sezzle Integration – This integration gives shoppers the flexibility to “buy now pay later” with no interest or fees, which can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates. Retailers that use Sezzle have the opportunity to wow shoppers that previously may have turned away due to up-front costs.
  • Convey Integration – Convey tracks every step of the post-purchase consumer journey from checkout through delivery and provides SMS and email updates to shoppers. We automatically communicate with Convey as items are shipped and delivered, providing a seamless post-purchase experience for shoppers.
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) Integration Updates - We updated our SFCC cartridge to include the latest Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA).  The updated architecture provides retailers with a seamless integration that allows them to modify their SFCC storefront using SFRA and connect directly to Deck Commerce Order Management.

Automate Manual Tasks

One benefit of implementing a modern order management system is saving time and money on manual tasks that OMS automates.  Automation also reduces human error, which provides shoppers with an outstanding experience they can count on every time they shop with that retailer.

New Deck Commerce Order Management features that automate manual tasks include:

  • New Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Workflows: We offer extensive automated return workflows to help retailers reduce lost costs due to returns. The latest updates to our return workflows include RMA number generation, automatic payment transactions for RMAs, grace period for RMAs, and more.  These updates allow retailers to reduce time spent on manual return tasks and improves demand planning for incoming returns.
  • Automated Fulfillment Rerouting: Deck Commerce Fulfillment Routing determines the best distribution plan according to retailers’ business rules. If a fulfillment location isn’t initially identified for an order, logic can now retry Fulfillment Routing a designated number of times to accommodate changes in inventory. This feature reduces the amount of time retailers spend manually searching for available inventory to fulfill orders and is recommended for retailers with high-volume inventory turnover.
  • Chargehound Integration: The Deck Commerce + Chargehound integration gives retailers the option to outsource chargeback investigation and automate previously manual tasks.

Increase Visibility Across Teams

To maintain an outstanding shopper experience and ensure internal teams work efficiently, retailers need visibility into all order information for all their teams.

New Deck Commerce Order Management features that increase visibility across teams include:

  • More User Permission Options: Now retailers can designate which users can manage orders in fraud status, which empowers teams to leave fraud review to trained users or open to the entire team.  New permissions have also been added for multi-brand retailers. If the retailer has multiple brands, they can manage which users can access which brands’ order information.
  • Credit Reporting: The new Deck Commerce Manual Credit Report gives retailers visibility into trends for all shipping, order, and item credits to help detect inefficiencies and prevent loss. The report helps retailers identify areas of potential improvement and encourages alignment on crediting policies across the enterprise. 
  • New APIs: Retailers now have more options for sharing order information with their teams through Deck Commerce APIs. The new APIs empower different teams to use the applications they need while having access to the same order information as other teams across the enterprise. 

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