Always Unified: A Message from the CEO

By Chris Deck
May 20, 2020
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Undeniable. Our world and industries have been rocked by COVID-19.  

Many retailers are in survival mode—the circumstances driving a need to flex, scale, pause and pulse like never before. Customer service offerings that just weeks ago were considered “nice-to-haves” are noessential features. 

Diversified fulfillment networks. Inventory fluidity and view-ability. Omnichannel, BOPIS and curbside pickup. Backorder stockpiling. Gift card orderingQuick, intelligent marketing and transparent customer communication.  

At Deck Commerce, we have the opportunity to work with some of the best, most inspirational brands in the world. We have witnessegreatness and compassion from our customers in response to this crisis:

  • Transforming shuttered stores into micro-distribution centers using omnichannel workflows to keep employees employed. 
  • Shifting production and reimagining order flows so hospitals and health systems can obtain face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and shields.  
  • Mobilizing new warehouse efficiencies while maintaining social distancing policies, upkeeping precise ATP inventory information for in-demand wellness and cleaning products. 
  • Donating essential products to healthcare workers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.

We are proud of our customers doing good. And, I am proud of our remarkable Deck Commerce employees. We have adapted to a full-scale work-from-home environment, which is new to our company. We have embraced a “One Team” mentality by stepping up to support each other and our customers with both work and personal priorities. We have barely skipped a beat, and who knew virtual coffee chats could be so fun? 

Deck employees WFH

How our customers are adapting, how our employees are leading – we are witnessing in real-time a fundamental shift to the future of retail 

Even if our governments’ isolation orders are lifted sooner than later, the effects on consumer psyche and behavior are forever altered. Features that were “nice-to-have” yesterday are now essentials— new habits have already been created 

At Deck Commerce, we are in the business of unification. Order management is about bringing systems, solutions and human experiences together, especially now.  

  • When inventory is precious and fleeting and ATP counts must be precise… OMS is the core 
  • When shipping is back-logged and a customer needs to pick up in store or on the curb… OMS is the core.  
  • When return policies and automated processes need to be extended… OMS is the core.  
  • When stores need to be leveraged as omni distribution centers… OMS is the core.  
  • When a customer needs to know their order status, cancel or make modifications… OMS is the core.  
  • When items quickly go out of stock and need to be back-ordered… OMS is the core.  
  • When new workflows, vendors or plugins are needed in the tech stack… OMS is the core.  

Deck Commerce excels at picking up the disjointed and unifying a full solution. When complexities arise, we simplify, we solve, and we scale. We bring retail together. And it takes a full approach, supported by our Professional Services team and seasoned commerce experts.  

And Deck Commerce customers are seeing an average 61% increase in fulfillable online orders since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis in the U.S.—and growing weekly! 

What's Next

Since founding Deck Commerce five years ago, my vision has been to push the innovative edge of retail. Right now, in this pandemic, it feels like the edge is pushing back – and that is the feeling of evolution! 

If you have not already, now is the time to find partners, friends, advisors, and peers to think and plan creatively about a scalable path forward.  

If you are a system integrator, consulting agency, or commerce tech vendor – let’s allyrally and problem-solve togetherIf you are not already plugged into our Alliances Program, let us know.  

If you’re a current Deck Commerce customer, you already know we are here for you, 24/7. Continue keeping your customer success coordinator or account manager in the loop, and let’s tackle your COVID-19 strategies together. And know that I am here to push forward alongside you.  

If you’re a prospectlet’s talk.  Our heart and history as a company is rooted in 20+ years of DTC ecommerce service and consulting. Even if OMS isn’t on your short term to do list yet, we’d still love to help identify what solutioning possibilities are availablePro bono. If you are working with a system integrator or consulting agency, awesome – loop them in too. We’re in this together.  

Undeniable. Unified commerce is no longer aspiration… it’s commerce’s new way forward. 

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